A New Chapter Begins

It’s official; I’m home full time. My intent was to give a four week notice but the powers that be felt paying me out my notice and letting me go was a better idea.  Works for me! And so, tomorrow begins a new chapter.  Honestly…I am terrified.  Because, well, what if?  What if I’m really not a good mom and they hate me being home?  What if I’m a horrible cook but everyone has been telling me “it’s good” just to be nice?  What if I get bored?  What if I can’t handle being without adult interaction for one full day?  What if I get lazy? What if I don’t have the discipline to write?  Worse, what if I’m a horrible writer? What if I turn those “what if’s” into, “If I don’t…”.

If I don’t do this, I will never know the answer to all of those “what if’s”.  Because I know me and I know that all of those “what if’s” are lies I tell myself (except maybe my cooking – I have a sneaking suspicion about that one).  So I have devised a plan to keep myself and my “what if’s” from sabotaging my goals.  Keep it simple.  One day at a time; one goal at a time.   That’s it.  That’s the plan.  I don’t know if this will work.  But I believe this is God’s plan for me and I believe that I must at least try or I will regret it.  I suppose if the keep it simple approach doesn’t work, I can devise a new plan.

So… here we go. Are you ready to walk with me?

Until Next Time…



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