Cars, Chores, and Concussions

Being in a house with three boys is…we’ll say…challenging. Don’t get me wrong. I love all of the men in my life and I am very grateful to have them. They all love me and are very supportive.  I wouldn’t change it for the world. But here’s the thing. Boys like cars. Boys hate chores. And boys…well…boys are the ones who usually end up with concussions.

My oldest son has had his license for 5 months. His Grandfather gave him a Jeep when he first got his license. Four hours after it was fixed up and ready to go…he totaled it. That’s right – FOUR HOURS. I think that’s some type of record, but I can’t be sure. At first we thought we would not let him drive until he could save up money for a new vehicle. But as any parent of a 17 year old knows…I really needed him to be driving. Having another driver in the house is like Christmas every day! So, we let him use my winter driver. He only slightly wrecked it once over the past five months so that’s…something. Now he has bought himself another Jeep. I’m thinking, this is great, I get my winter driver back just in time for snow. All is well. So he, my husband, and the little one spent hours in the garage fixing it up. Seriously, hours. So many hours I forgot I had a husband and two sons for two days. Now the head gasket is blown. This means more hours in the garage. I should be happy right!? A weekend to myself. Or more like a weekend to do everyone’s chores because…

…Boys do not like chores. I actually don’t think anyone likes chores, but boys REALLY don’t like chores. Chores at our house is what I like to believe would be similar to an interrogation. Did you clean the kitchen? Are you sure? What time did you clean the kitchen? Was it before dinner because there sure are a lot of dishes still in the sink? Do you know that the counters are part of the kitchen? Do you know that the floor is part of the kitchen? Do you know that the table is part of the kitchen? Are you aware that the kitchen is in fact one entire room that requires cleaning? How about your bedroom? Oh, you cleaned your bedroom? What is all of that mess in the corner there? Well, when will you be ready to go through that corner? Is the open bag of potato chips another thing you need to “go through” to make sure you aren’t throwing away something of value? And it goes on and on and on until I finally get so frustrated that I just finish the chore myself. My apologies to my boys’ futures wives. Good thing I’m feeling up to chores this week because…

…I ended up with a concussion. Every day I watch my boys do daring things on their bikes, skateboards, and, well, anything they can get their hands on that makes for a good “war” story in their minds. They come home with cuts and bruises. I’ve been to the emergency room many times for stiches. How lucky I’ve been that they have never gotten a concussion. I, on the other hand, am not daring. I don’t ride a bicycle nor a skateboard, never have. I am very careful and mindful of stairs, ice, and obstacles on the ground. You know, safe and cautious. So imagine my surprise when stomach flu is the culprit that took me down for two weeks. Who knew fainting whilst throwing up was a thing!? So yeah, fainted, apparently hit my head, ended up with a concussion. I guess this takes me one step closer to being one of the boys. Complete with my own, weird, “war” story. All I need to do now is develop an obsessive love of fixing cars and a dire hatred of chores.

Until Next Time



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