The Duck Pond

Good day friends! I hope this post finds you well. I have been getting a lot of inquiries as to where my head has been the last few months. Some thought I had a major breakthrough on my book; some thought I died; and others thought I just gave up. Well, here I am…no book, still alive, and not giving up. So where has my head been? The Duck Pond.

If you don’t know by now, I am writing my memoir. This process has been extremely emotional and if I’m being honest, it’s exhausting most days. As I sift through my past, I often times find that I can only recall the bad memories. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to remember the bad before we remember the good. But recently, my little one brought back a memory of something I delighted in as a child.

We were on our way to church and there is a “back” way you can take that directs you through one of those round-abouts. You know…those crazy traffic circles that look like fun but are actually strategically placed death traps if you are a crappy driver? Yeah…one of those. Anyway, he LOVES the round-about. Every time we go to church, he begs me to take the round-about. With much hesitation, I almost always agree. Contrary to common belief, I am not a crappy driver and thus, I prevail! Ha!

His insistence to journey this route brought back gleeful memories of The Duck Pond. We grew up in a Suburban City outside of Denver so there wasn’t much scenery aside from the beautiful Rocky Mountains. But if you took the back roads, through an older neighborhood in our city, you came upon a man-made duck pond. Oh I loved that pond. Every time we would come home from the grocery store, I would beg my mother to drive past The Duck Pond; just as my little one begs me to take him on the round-about.

As I shared this memory with my young son, I was compelled to wonder what my kids will remember about their lives when they are older. Will they only remember the bad? Will the good seem few and far between? Will memories such as this one be as significant to them as it was to me?

What I learned from this quick walk down memory lane was something I believe to be very important and I wanted to share it with you. Write down the good. The minute you remember something joyful; write it down. It’s there. Often times, it’s just buried underneath the crap and all it takes is one fleeting moment for the good to enter. But remember, it also only takes one moment for the good to leave. The good is so much more important than the bad. So I ask all of you to write it down. It may not seem significant to you now, but some day, it just might.

Until Next Time,

Connie Ann


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