Kids & Writing

You may have guessed…kids & writing…they don’t mix. This week is spring break and I’ve discovered that my writing has some weird, mom magnet affect. I do have a process I follow before I even consider writing for the day. It goes like this…

1. Don’t even think about writing until I know they are busy doing their own thing or hanging out with friends.

2. Wait a good 10-15 minutes after they’ve left the room, to be sure that they are not coming back.

3. Cautiously, sit down and begin writing.

I think this is a wonderful strategy. Don’t you? Oh, but I forgot to give you #4 of the process. You see, after about 5 minutes of writing, I hear the word “mom” ringing in my ears. As I snap myself out of my writing bliss, I realize it is a child. “Mom, what are you doing?” “Mom, come look at this trick.” “Mom, are you listening to me?” “Mom, I’m bored.” “Mom, I’m hungry.” “Mom, are you writing?” “Mom, do you want me to leave you alone while you are writing?” “Mom, are you mad at me?” “Mom, are you writing about me?” “MOM!”

Then, this is where I think I have him fooled. I’ve already purchased the answer to boredom. It’s actually a really fun book. I know it’s a fun book because, well, I poured over it much longer than he did. My brilliant idea..not so brilliant. Maybe if he were younger, the book would have been more effective. Cause you know…tween’s.

So, I haven’t been writing the past few days and I’ve simply been enjoying the time with my kids. We played in a cool man made, dining table fort one day. We hung out, watched television, and talked the next day. And today, well, we all did our own thing with out friends and just checked in with one another periodically. It’s been fun to unplug and hang out. First spring break I’ve been able to spend with my kids in MANY MANY years. It’s okay that kids & writing don’t mix. It’s been much more rewarding to hang out in a dirty fort and watch ridiculous shows about kids at a summer camp. Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Have a lovely Easter Weekend everyone!

Until Next Time,

Connie Ann


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